программы портретной идентификации






Register cards entering and editing

  • New card forms making. Fields quantity and types are set by a user.
  • System arbitrarily extension with graphic and video information, OLE-compatible documents (files) for each card.
  • Making an arbitrarily chosen number of links among register cards of one or different register categories
  • Search on unlimited number of card parameters Anthropometry data entering and saving for further keeping in data base
  • Registering every completed search, changed object information and user’s other actions.

System consists of the modules as follow:

  • Module of entering and editing information
  • Expert module
  • Server of calculations
  • Parallel calculator
  • Module of system administration



Comprehensible system interface with clear structure
  • A three unit architecture: frank client allows to interact with data without DBMS direct access and drivers and programs additional settings.
  • Most resource-intensive actions are made at the server (for example: graphic search)
  • System is available on local computers, in network, through telephone lines, while using modem connections and HTTP protocol that makes it possible to use Internet/Intranet.
  • On graphic queries with large amount of processed data calculations can be split among an arbitrarily chosen number of calculation servers, and that allows increasing processing power by carrying out resource-intensive operations in parallel
  • Using a range of industrial DBMS-Oracle 9.x/10.x, MSSQL 2000/2005, Sybase Adaptive Server AnyWhere 7.x/8.x/9.x, Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.x, DB2 etc.
  • Using system reset does not demand efforts and is carried out by built-in visual means.








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